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‘Elevating Beef Industry Ties between Korea and Europe in Italy and Raising European Beef Excellence with Impactful Events in 2023

The core tenets of the circular economy, when applied to the beef sector, embody simplicity and sustainability:

  • Commitment to Sustainability – it takes effort and resilience to ensure the judicious use of available resources. This involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby mitigating the environmental impact of the beef sector.
  •  Resource-Efficient Management – efficiently utilizing beef and the by-products, such as excrement and manure, to enrich crop fields, ensures a sustainable and resourceful cycle in the careful orchestration of material flow.
  • Zero-waste Elimination – to ensure the comprehensive utilization of the entire product, from skin to meat, with minimal waste generation…」

Discover more of the compelling efforts of ASSOCARNI organizing professional activities in Korea and Italy to promote exquisite European beef quality.

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