The pillars of our beef production

Our beef is produced in compliance with the requirements established by the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL (EPM), which rests on the following pillars:

Animal Health and Feeding Regulations

The breeding of healthy animals and the production of meat is done in compliance with EU legislation on animal disease prevention and control measures, and biosafety measures for livestock operations and processing industries. Feeding regulations are a substantial component of these measures, and the use of hormones for growth promotion is prohibited.

Animal Welfare

The sector is fully committed to the promotion of animal welfare. All actors in the chain follow the strictest regulations in the world. Animals raised with a higher quality of life will provide a better product with higher levels of production.

Sustainability and Respect for the Environment

The beef cattle sector ensures the protection of Mediterranean grazing ecosystems, pastures and mountain vegetation, which are a tremendous source of biodiversity, freshwater reserves and sustainability for the soil.

Traceability and Food Safety

Traceability measures for our beef make it possible to track a product at any time, from farm to table, in order to guarantee a healthy, safe, quality product.


The versatility of our beef offers many alternatives on the plate, for any market. And all of them are exquisite. All the values of our beef, which makes our offer different, are basically the following:

Different possibilities DEPENDING ON THE AGE OF THE ANIMAL. The offer of our producers covers meat obtained from young animals (less than 12 months), animals from 12 to 24 months and animals over 24 months. These possibilities offer a very varied offer, but of high quality: from white and tender meats, very low in fat and with very delicate flavors, to red and fat meats, with extraordinary flavors.

GRAIN-FED MEAT: animals are fed on a diet of high-quality grains and oilseeds with a high nutritional value. This allows to obtain a tender, juicy, low-fat meat with delicate flavor. A premium meat.

Strict compliances with the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL, the most demanding system for the control of production from farm to table, guaranteeing the quality and safety of products.

The end result is tender and juicy meat, delicate in flavour and easily digestible, considered premium meat by the most prestigious chefs, and given a starring role in both traditional and avant-garde cuisine.  A privilege in the mouth of the consumer.


A continuous improvement in our process based on the evolution of R&D&I, is a fundamental pillar of maintaining our sector and improving the quality of our productions, as a basis for excellence.

Our sector is highly technical, using modern technology in well-prepared facilities. Some different research programs aimed at the technological improvement of the processes involved in the entire value chain of our products are being continuously programmed.

Thus, with a firm commitment, the continuous improvement of the processes and products is achieved, in addition to pursuing the improvement of environmental sustainability and animal welfare.


The circular economy is based on some very simple principles:

Waste does not exist: specially in the beef sector, the entire product is used and hardly any waste is generated, from the skin to the meat.

A careful management of the flow of materials is maintained: the main product, that is, beef, is used, and excrement and manure are also used to enrich the crop fields.

The search for sustainability is a priority, making efficient use of available resources, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and, thus, the environmental impact of the sector.

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