EU BEEF ASIA has achieved success in hosting events: Delivering Quality, Sustainability, and Culinary Excellence from Spain in Europe to South Korea.

European beef is thoroughly controlled in accordance with high standards.

    • Traceability and Food Safety – the ability to track the beef production chain through all stages of production, processing and distribution, in order to ensure our beef is healthy and safe from farm to table  
    • Animal Welfare – in full conformity with the Law concerning the condition of husbandry practice. Animals raised with a higher quality of life will provide a better product with higher levels of production.
    • Animal Health and Feeding Regulations – EU legislation places a high attention on animal health of livestock husbandry. It is our primary indicator regarding animal breeding in meat production.
    • Sustainability and Respect for the Environment – pastures, mountains and vegetation are a precious source for the soil. The beef cattle sector aims to protect European grazing ecosystems…」

Let’s dive in and see  how PROVACUNO strategically engaging with South Korean meat professionals, bridging cultures and building connections.

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Photo credits: ©EUBEEFASIA

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