From 18 to 23 March, a delegation of six Chinese meat experts and importers undertook a business study tour of the Italian beef industry. During the visit, the Chinese delegates were able to gain an in-depth understanding of the Italian beef industry, from the farms of Italian beef and veal companies to their production plants and to the dinner table, to enhance their knowledge and expertise of European beef, to share the latest information on the export of Italian beef to China, as well as to exchange views on the future of business co-operation between the two countries in this field. During their business trip, the Chinese delegation immersed themselves in the distinctive characteristics of European beef, particularly Italian beef and veal renowned for its quality and flavor profiles. Through a series of meticulously planned activities, they were able to gain insights into the entire production process of high-quality of European beef and engage in valuable business discussions with industry professionals.

The delegation reached Rome on March 17th. The following day, a warm welcome awaited them, the Italian Ministry of Health and Assocarni hosted a reception ceremony where the Italy’s collaborative efforts with China regarding beef exports were highlighted. The exceptional safety and quality standards upheld by the European beef industry were emphasized, along with a shared vision for expanding the export of Italian beef to China.

After the welcoming ceremony, the delegation started its efficient and intense itinerary. The program included visits to three renowned beef and veal production companies in different regions of Italy, including the globally recognized excellence of Inalca, which oversees the entire beef production chain from farm to finished product; Vercelli, a meat processor whose strength lies in the high quality of its veal; and MEC, a meat production plant and distributor. These visits provided a comprehensive overview of beef production, from the careful care and feeding of cattle on the farms to the advanced production lines and packaging processes in the factories.

At the farms, the delegation gained first-hand knowledge of the traditional breeds of cattle raised in Italy and the meticulous care programs implemented to ensure the health and well-being of the animals. Farmers also presented in detail their advanced theories and measures regarding feeding programs, breeding techniques and health monitoring.

During the visit to the beef production line, the delegation witnessed the complex process of breaking down the carcasses by skilled butchers, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern machinery to meet diversified market demands. Beef companies also demonstrated packaging processes and labelling regulations, which are important to ensure transparency of information and compliance with food safety standards, and to help increase understanding of Italian beef in both domestic and international markets. The delegation also had a lively discussion with the Italian producers, introducing them to the cuts and parts required to meet Chinese demand, and improving the Italian side’s understanding of the destination market.

Additionally, the Italian side warmly received the members of the delegation and arranged some meals together, to provide them with an opportunity to savor various cuts of beef prepared using diverse cooking techniques. The high quality and deliciousness of European beef captured the taste buds of every member.


Thanks to this activity carried out under this European campaign, the Chinese delegation gained an in-depth understanding of the distinctive characteristics of European beef, in this particular case Italian beef, which is renowned for its quality and flavor. The delegation expressed confidence in deepening their understanding of the European beef industry. They believe that this knowledge will enable them to make informed decisions in favor of Chinese consumers and the catering industry, further promoting the appreciation and consumption of high quality European beef products in China. This successful business study tour marks an important step in strengthening ties and knowledge exchange between the Chinese and Italian beef industries, paving the way for future co- operation and opportunities.





Photo credit: @EUBEEFASIA

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