Have you ever experienced this—it’s Friday, you went to a grocery shop because you planned to cook something special for your family. Some tender and juicy steak would be perfect that you could even smell it as if it’s now well served. And then you found yourself standing in front of the beef section and didn’t know where to start. This is when you can feel the fundamental question that lurks in the bottom of our heart—“How to choose meat of good quality?” and “Where should I start?” When it comes to the question, we all know that it’s not only about the price or packing, but the safety and the process of how the meat was produced.

EPM is the key answer to the question. European Production Model is a system with the most strict and thoroughly full production standard which guarantees consumers premium European Quality Beef from Spain & Italy. To begin with, EPM values animal welfare. No antibiotics or growth promoters are allowed to apply on cattle raising and animals are raised following the strictest regulations in Europe. Our meat is completely traceable from farm to table. That is to say, the validation of  food safety. More importantly, with high commitment to the environment, the beef cattle sector strengthens the sustainability of soil and fertiles the variety of plants. European Production Model aimed to protect and provide a healthy ecosystem circle in Europe.

The next time you want to buy quality beef, you will shop with confidence.


Photo credits: ©PROVACUNO/Organización Interprofesional Agroalimentaria de la Carne de Vacuno

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