Feeding beef cattle is like creating a custom menu – it all depends on their breed, age, gender, and size.

European grain-fed cattles consume the highest quality cereals such as barley, oats, wheat, corn and oil seeds are common components. Also free of antibiotics and growth factors (hormones).

Grain-fed cattle aim for that rich oil content and evenly-distributed marbling, which is precisely why grain-fed beef is so delectably tender. The mouthwatering aroma when you sear a steak? It’s all about the fats! 

And the most important, EPM, European production model. European countries have strict regulations and quality control standards for beef production to ensure the quality and safety of beef.So, remember, when choosing beef, food safety and the rich marbling are your top top indicators😎🥩🍽️


Photo credits: ©EUBEEFASIA

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