Our beef is produced in compliance with the requirements established by the EUROPEAN PRODUCTION MODEL (EPM), which rests on the following pillars:

Animal Health and Feeding Regulations:
The breeding of healthy animals and the production of meat is done in compliance with EU legislation on animal disease prevention and control measures, and biosafety
measures for livestock operations and processing industries. Feeding regulations are a substantial component of these measures, and the use of hormones for growth promotion is prohibited.

Animal Welfare:
The sector is fully committed to the promotion of animal welfare. All actors in the chain follow the strictest regulations in the world. Animals raised with a higher quality of life will provide a better product with higher levels of production.

Sustainability and Respect for the Environment:
The beef cattle sector ensures the protection of Mediterranean grazing ecosystems, pastures and mountain vegetation, which are a tremendous source of biodiversity, freshwater reserves and sustainability for the soil.

Traceability and Food Safety:
Traceability measures for our beef make it possible to track a product at any time, from farm to table, in order to guarantee a healthy, safe, quality product.



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