Mmm, ¡Qué Rico!
There is a very traditional and common stew across Spain and has been served in taverns and on family’s dining tables for centuries – Callos, the beef tripe stew, the most hearty meal perfect for cold winter days. Like all traditional dishes, there are many variations. When making a signature dish like Callos, besides the lining of ​the beef stomach, there are many other ingredients that bring out the savory relish.

Some supporting roles such as beef cheeks, beef shank, beef offal, pig trotter, blood pudding and some good Spanish chorizo. While some colorful background vegetables enhance the texture such as fresh tomatoes, paprika, onions, chickpeas. And spices like cumin, black pepper and cloves to liven things up. Put them together and cook for 3~5 hours in a big family pot. Needless to say, after a long wait, the reward to the patience has always been melt-in-your-mouth tender. This heart-melting moment of happiness imprinted deeply in our culture – Gopchang-jeongol (곱창전골)!

Gopchang-jeongol (곱창전골) is Korean beef tripe hot pot, the real household name in Korean diet culture. “Gopchang” refers to beef small intestines, while “jeongol” refers to a category of stew or casserole in Korean cuisine. A boiling beef hot pot with vegetables and seasonings in beef broth is like the most dazzling firework at night – remarkable and memorable. It proves that a warming soothing bowl with Callos is always meant to serve a quality time with family and friends in such a season full of festive atmosphere.

Photo credits: ©shutterstock_nito

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