In the heart of Europe, amid Spain’s vibrant culture and rich culinary tradition, lies an important production area: the beef industry. From the 5th to 9th May, as part of the “Nice To Beef You” project, a Chinese delegation embarked on an insightful study trip to Spain, with the aim of comprehensively understanding the characteristics and market conditions of European and Spanish beef.

PROVACUNO, one of the beneficiaries of the EU finding campaign Nice to Beef You project, introduced the project to Chinese professionals. NICE TO BEEF YOU, funded by the European Union, is strategically designed to enhance the competitiveness and consumption levels of European beef in key markets such as China and South Korea. Through targeted investment in these markets, the initiative not only bolsters the image of European beef from Spain but also significantly expands its market share in Asia.

PROVACUNO, Spain’s inter-industry organization for beef agricultural products, represents a vast network encompassing over 150,000 farms, 250 slaughterhouses, and 150 cutting plants. With an annual output of nearly 740,000 tons, Spain ranks among the top 20 beef producers globally and fifth among European producers. Renowned for its exquisite cuisine and diverse culinary traditions, Spain’s beef industry has flourished over centuries, with beef holding a cherished place in the country’s gastronomy.

During their visit, the Chinese delegation had the opportunity to tour representative beef factories affiliated with the PROVACUNO association.

Local farmers and industry experts provided detailed insights to the Chinese delegation on the European beef industry’s steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability. From stringent animal welfare regulations to robust sustainable development initiatives and meticulous traceability management across the entire production chain, European beef guarantees product integrity and safety from farm to fork. This unwavering dedication to quality underpins the reputation of European beef from Spain as a premium product in the global market.

During the trip, a seminar facilitated robust discussions between the Chinese delegation and Spanish experts on the current status and future trajectory of European and Spanish beef production. The dialogue extended to exploring the profound impact of European beef on the global stage, with a particular focus on the burgeoning potential of the Chinese market.

Reflecting on their inspection tour, Chinese experts expressed deep appreciation for the picturesque Spanish countryside, the vibrancy of its bustling markets, and the meticulous management of professional pastures and modern slaughterhouses. The exquisite European beef from Spain, delicacies sampled during lunch and dinner further enriched their understanding of the European and Spanish beef industry. The delegation eagerly anticipates the future development and collaboration opportunities in the Chinese market.

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