This seminar featured an enthralling cooking show where three iconic dishes of European beef from Italy were masterfully showcased, further enriching the participants’ experience and deepening their appreciation for the culinary wonders offered by European Quality Beef. 

The cooking show was conducted by the acclaimed Michelin-starred European chef from Italy. With his exceptional culinary skills and expertise, and very much understanding of Beef. The chef masterfully prepared and presented the dishes with the exquisite beef part of short ribs, chuck and shoulder of European Quality Beef from Italy, leaving the discerning palates of the audience deeply satisfied and captivated. With the heart-melting enjoyment for everyone, we seized the invaluable opportunity to further connect with local professionals with the displayed meaning: “Nice To Beef You!”. The seminar has achieved tremendous success with the prompt involvement from each one of our important guests. 

The seminar provided a remarkable platform for industry professionals to experience and appreciate the unique attributes of European Quality Beef from Italy. And more importantly, this platform was a great opportunity for the European Union to have a deeper connection with the local enthusiasts from the beef industry. And we remain committed to upholding high standards of quality control, animal welfare, and sustainability, ensuring the continued satisfaction of our consumers in Asia.


Video credit: ©EUBEEFASIA

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