More than70 people attended to the event, Mr. Marco Midolo, Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Italy in China, delivered a welcoming speech.,He gave a brief description of the trade relations between China and Italy and their vision, and gave high expectations for the event.

After the speech, the leader of the ASSOCARNI association, Mr. Francoise Tomei, highlighted the main attributes of the European beef: its superior production standards, environmental care, and animal welfare.“We have the pleasure to be in the capital of China today to taste and let Chinese meat professionals discover the high level and premium quality of the European Union products. This campaign seeks to establish strong and lasting business relationships between European producers and Chinese professional and consumers. Therefore, in the frame of the Nice to Beef you Campaign, we will organize promotional events and will participate in Exhibitions in China during the next three years”, Mr. Tomei explained.


Then, Professor Alessandra Guidi, Scientific Counselor of the Italian Embassy in China, introduced the technical science, health and environmental aspects of the Italian cattle industry chain, and explained the important factors of the European livestock production model.



Mr. Nicola Santini from the Italian Ministry of Health, who was present online, spoke to us remotely and said that food safety and traceability are the hallmark of European beef’s identity :” Our beef traceability management allows us to track the product at all times, from farm to table,To ensure a healthy, safe and quality product “.



Mr. Wu Wei of the General Administration of Customs of China also attended the event. On behalf of the Chinese government, Mr. Wu introduced the detailed requirements and regulations for the import and export of meat products. The Chinese market welcomes high-quality imported food to the dining table of the people, and hopes that foreign exporters and domestic importers can trade in strict accordance with customs requirements to promote win-win cooperation between the two sides.



Finally, Gianpaolo Bruno, Chief representative of the Beijing Office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission, spoke on the important topic of strengthening cooperation between Italy and China in the beef sector, saying that both Italy and China are important players in the global agribusiness sector. In particular, there is great potential for cooperation in the field of beef production and trade. China, with its large and growing consumer base, represents an important opportunity for Italian beef producers to expand their export markets and experiment with new ways of growth. Italy has a long tradition of producing quality beef, and as the Chinese market continues to expand, the opportunities for the Italian beef industry are becoming more attractive.


Europe is home to some of the world ́s most productive agricultural regions, an on of the most important products of this sector is beef. European beef is produced in compliance with the requirements established by the European Production Model (EPM), which rest on animal health and feeding regulations, animal wealth fair, sustainability, and respect for the environment.


Photo credits: ©EUBEEFASIA

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