According to EU official statistics, the livestock population at the end of 2021, there were 142 million heads of pigs, 76 million heads of bovine animals and 71 million heads of sheep and goats. A majority of the EU’s livestock population concentrated in just a few countries – Spain stands first on the list exceeding other countries by the number of nearly 60 million herds produced. Italy ranked in fourth place of more than 20 million herds. In order to hold such prosperity, the following problems emerge as part of the life cycle. Food waste, animal welfare, water pollution and the responsibility to 14.5 percent of GHG emission… with the situations of husbandry are dealt with, EU demonstrated a responsible attitude and endeavors to conserve the environment.

Not to neglect, there are several ecological benefits that come along with livestock. Farm animals play an important role in transforming more than 85% of human-edible ingredients into animal protein to provide dense nutrients for humans. The EU has introduced a range of legislation covering the traceability of livestock. Traceable identification usually through ear-tags or tattoos and a national register that details animals as they are reared, held or handled at each stage of the food chain. By tracing the procedure eventually helps to ensure the safety on the customer-end. Also, it assists monitoring on disease control to prevent environmental pollution, and what the livestock are fed with. The goal of Feed Additives Regulation is to reduce the environmental impact of livestock farming.

Traceability provides transparency in the meat production chain and it provides us a more solid choice on what we bought and consumed on an everyday basis. There are responsible ecological ways for producing meat. Moreover, strategies such as 2050 CARBON NEUTRAL BEEF STRATEGY and CODE OF BEST ENVIRONMENTAL PRACTICES have been performed with positive results –  a reduction of 18 % in livestock manure emissions over the past two decades. It has been the EU’s greatest devotion to integrate with several Nations to provide a stronger sustainability and environmental organic system to serve the society, while ensuring a Farm to Fork experience that brings joy from Europe to global wide.



Photo credits: ©PROVACUNO/Organización Interprofesional Agroalimentaria de la Carne de Vacuno

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