Embarking on another enriching event with the EU BEEF ASIA program!

This year, the Beef Industry Study Trip took us to the picturesque landscapes of Italy from Europe, deepening the bond between European and South Korean beef industry professionals. Under the “Nice To Beef You” campaign led by ASSOCARNI from Italy and PROVACUNO from Spain, a collaborative effort funded by the European Union.

With much dedication of delivering an fulfilling Study Trip, influential figures from South Korea’s beef industry are warmly invited and participate in this journey, guiding them to visits to various aspects of European beef production in Italy, including beef production, cattle farms, slaughterhouses, and more. Our participants gained firsthand insights into the European beef livestock environment and high-quality European beef production standards.

Last year’s study trip in Spain was a success, and this year’s adventure in Italy is equally impressive.

Stay tuned as we eagerly share with you more about this Study Trip in Europe in Italy!




Photo credit: ©EUBEEFASIA

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