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Nice To Beef  You

Funded by the European Union, the EU BEEF ASIA: “Nice To Beef You” campaign aims to increase the competitiveness and consumption of European Beef Meat in China and South Korea, raising their profile and expanding their market share by enhancing the EU access for beef meat into the mentioned markets.

This campaign is implemented by two of the most important beef associations in Europe in terms of production and representation: PROVACUNO from Spain and ASSOCARNI from Italy.



European beef from Spain

PROVACUNO is the Agri-food Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, on December 23, 2014 (Order AAA 2501/2014).

It represents almost all the actors involved in the beef production chain: more than 150,000 farms, 250 slaughterhouses and 150 cutting plants, producing nearly 740,000 tones/year, which includes Spain among the top 20 world producers and in the 5th European producer.

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The entire production chain determines its activity to achieve compliance with the requirements defined by the European Production Model, the most demanding control system in the world, which aims to ensure the production maintains traceability throughout the process, be environmentally, animal welfare standards, food safety and high quality friendly.

The result of this work is producing some Irresistible Quality Meat, recommended for all the family, made in Europe from Spain with love and safe from the farm to the table.



European beef from Italy

Established in 1983, ASSOCARNI is one of Italy’s leading meat sector associations and a primary reference point for Italian and EU institutions. ASSOCARNI is a member of Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industry (over 150 thousand enterprises for a total of 5,439,370 employees). ASSOCARNI represents the entire production and supply chain of the meat sector – from livestock breeding to meat production, processing, marketing and distribution in the beef & veal, pork meat and lamb sectors and finances its activities with ordinary and supplementary annual quotas paid by its over 100 member companies.

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Beyond its institutional role as the main channel of information and assistance to its member companies, the Association, through various activities (conferences, seminars, websites, scientific studies), promotes the sustainability of meat production and its balanced consumption. To do this, it avails itself of a qualified staff which includes the professional figures competent to carry out information and promotion activities.

ASSOCARNI is an official member of the EU Bovine, Pig, Sheep, Animal Welfare and Animal Production Advisory Committees, and the National Table of Zootechnical Supply Chain representing the Italian meat industry. Also, it joins IMS – International Meat Secretariat, an organism that represents the major industrial realities of the meat sector in the world.

ASSOCARNI promotes the image of European meat production in Italy and around the world.



June 11th – 14th 2024

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