• There are 2 main feeding methods in Italy  from Europe
    1) unifeed feeding (more beneficiall
    2) fractionated feeding


  • What is unifeed feeding?
    Unifeed is also known as “single meal”The animal is fed both the fibrous component and the concentrated component at the same time, so that at the same time it takes in all the nutrients necessary to meet its needs.


  • What is fractionated feeding?
    The animal is fed on the fodder, composed mainly by the  fibrous component. And the meal is fed separately from the concentrated component.

Feeding beef cattle involves considering factors like breed, age, sex, and weight. Typically, the daily ration is determined by calculating the dry matter from concentrates (maize mash, compound feeds, core, maize meal, barley, soya, cotton, sunflower, wet by-products, etc.). The ratio is then established between the dry matter contributed by concentrates and the total dry matter ingested in 24 hours.

Common dry matter percentages for cattle feed include 32% silage, 90% hay, 25% grass silage in trenches, 45% grass silage in round bales, 20% freshly cut grass, 87% concentrates, 60% maize mash, and 25% wet by-products.

Opting for a well-formulated unifeed brings advantages for animal health and production. The risk of cattle sorting is minimized, especially when the manufacturer ensures product homogeneity. This approach ensures the animal receives all necessary components for both production needs and maintaining a fully functional rumen.




Photo credit: ©ASSOCARNI/Associazione Nazionale Industria e Commercio Carni e Bestiame

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