Before we get down to the subject. Let’s talk about Yukhoe「육회 」, one of the most famous local street food in Korean. It is known as minced raw beef served with egg yolk, sesame, specially mixed sauce and freshly sliced pear. It is a very unique way to eat beef and gives quite an impression to the audience. According to history, a dish like minced raw beef dates back to the Joseon Dynasty and appeared on the emperor’s dining table in the Joseon palace. Such a historical feature like this presents a surprising similarity to a renowned dish in Italy – “Cruda all’albese.

Cruda all’albese, meaning “raw meat in Alba-style” is also known as Italian beef tartare, which came from northern Italy in the Piedmont region in the late 19th century. Just a quick sketch of some tips for making a local and delectable Cruda all’albese:

Tip 1: Always choose high quality beef when making Cruda all’albese. There are some best cuts that suit this dish. Tenderloin, also called filet mignon, is the most tender cut and contains just the right amount of fat for beefy flavor. If it is unable to be obtained, top-round and top-sirloin are other good choices.

Tip 2: It is commonly served with hand-minced raw beef to keep the tenderness. 

Tip 3: Garnished with freshly squeezed lemon juice, high quality extra-virgin olive oil and best paired with warm toasted bread. Topping of thin sliced mushrooms or precious white truffles, for it is best known in Alba the town in the Piedmont region. And the last, finishing with a fresh good egg yolk.

Eating raw beef has been a tradition and become more common worldwide. However, always ask for advice from a professional and reputable butcher shop when making this dish.

Have yourself an exotic Friday night in Italiano style!

Photo credits: ©shutterstock_5secondStudio

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