In practice, this means the implementation of good practices (GAP -Good Agricultural Practice, GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice, GHP – Good Hygienic Practice) and in the EU, as well as market and industry quality systems precisely defining the quality specifications of products. The implementation of such practices and systems translates into the quality of breeding and meat production, which results from, among others:

  • sanitary and hygienic control at every stage
  • identification and minimization of possible food safety hazards
  • supervision over the quality and microbiological purity of meat and the use of additives
  • ensuring appropriate breeding conditions, taking into account animal welfare principles which have been defined and developed in the EU countries at the level of very strict Community regulations

Quality management in terms of process consists in defining quality parameters at every stage of production, developing and implementing procedures and instructions related to individual stages and products, as well as carrying out constant supervision. Systematic quality management of production is a permanent feature of meat production and processing in the European Union.


Photo credits: ©EUBEEFASIA

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