In the rich tapestry of European beef, Italy in Europe shines as an exemplary contributor to both global culinary delights and responsible agricultural practices. Let’s explore how European beef from Italy showcases superior quality, sustainability, and health-consciousness.


  1. Excellent Production and Export Figures:

The prowess of the European beef industry in Italy is evident from the latest EUROSTAT data of 2022. Italy from Europe, a nation celebrated for its culinary excellence, accounted for approximately 11.6% of the European Union’s beef production. This achievement is bolstered by Italian from Europe’s significant cattle population of 6 million heads, fostering a robust beef production sector. 

In the year 2022,  Italy in Europe yielded a remarkable 747,210 tonnes of high-quality beef, marking its commitment to taste and excellence. Beyond its borders, The beef from Italy Europe found its way into international markets, with exports reaching an impressive 123,000 tons. 

Notably, beef production comprised 20% of Italy from Europe total livestock output, underscoring the vital role it plays in the nation’s agricultural landscape.


  1. Environmental Sustainability Significance:

Beef production in Italy from Europe serves as an exemplary model of sustainable farming. Italian producers from Europe have taken significant strides towards optimizing their water resource management, resulting in a 25% reduction compared to the global average.

Remarkably, the water footprint for Italian beef from European production stands at 11,000 liters for every kilogram of meat, representing a substantial decrease from the worldwide average of 15,000 liters. 

An important aspect of this achievement is that only 13% of this water is genuinely “consumed,” while the remaining 87% constitutes “green water.” This primarily refers to rainwater utilized in the cultivation of raw materials for animal feed. This environmentally conscious approach bears significance not only for the beef industry but also for the planet’s sustainability.


  1. Quality Certified to Worldwide:

Beyond these figures, it is crucial to recognize that European beef from Italy is not just about quantity; it’s also about quality. Many European beef from Italy products proudly bear the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) labels, ensuring consumers that they are experiencing the epitome of European beef quality.

In the heart of Europe, beef consumption in Italian style is shaped by the Mediterranean diet, which sets an ‘example of healthiness all over the world’, making it a gem in the world of nutrition. Italian beef transcends traditional culinary boundaries, reflecting the nation’s dedication to superior quality, sustainable practices, and dietary health. European beef from Italy is a source of pride and a culinary treasure for the world.




Photo credits: ©ASSOCARNI/Associazione Nazionale Industria e Commercio Carni e Bestiame

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