Established in 1983, ASSOCARNI is one of Italy’s leading meat sector associations and a primary reference point for Italian and EU institutions. ASSOCARNI is a member of Confindustria, the Confederation of Italian Industry (over 150 thousand enterprises for a total of 5,439,370 employees). ASSOCARNI represents the entire production and supply chain of the meat sector – from livestock breeding to meat production, processing, marketing and distribution in the beef & veal and lamb sectors and finances its activities with ordinary and supplementary annual quotas paid by its over 100 member companies.

ASSOCARNI is an official member of the EU Bovine, Pig, Sheep, Animal Welfare and Animal Production Advisory Committees, and the National Table of Zootechnical Supply Chain representing the Italian meat industry. Also, it joins to IMS – International Meat Secretariat, an organism that represents the major industrial realities of the meat sector in the world.

ASSOCARNI promotes the image of Italian meat production in Italy and around the world.


Photo credits: ©ASSOCARNI/Associazione Nazionale Industria e Commercio Carni e Bestiame

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