ASSOCARNI, National Association of Meat and Livestock Industry and Commerce , is the national association representing the European Beef industry in Italy, with specific emphasis on the beef industry. Established in 1983, ASSOCARNI immediately set its course on specialization and strict selection of its members. ASSOCARNI plays an active role already in the preliminary stages of the preparation of administrative and regulatory measures, contributing, where necessary or requested, with precise observations and operational and concrete proposals. The experience and expertise acquired in studying the specific and complex problems of the sector have made ASSOCARNI the main interlocutor of national and EU institutions.

Today, with membership including leading Italian firms of national and international standing come to represent and speak for over 60% of the entire European meat sector in Italy. ASSOCARNI has thus grown to become the most representative, authoritative and credible association among nations and European Community institutions.

Photo credits: ©ASSOCARNI/Associazione Nazionale Industria e Comercio Carni e Bestiame

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