At the time until the 1980s, the use of growth hormones, both endogenous and exogenous, was completely prohibited in the largest beef producer in the EU. In 1989, to emphasize it, the EU banned imports of meat and meat products treated with growth-promoting hormones. Later on, the ban on Ractopamine, which is based on the 2009 EU’s Food Safety Authority’s opinion on its safety evaluation— insufficient data had shown that a maximum residue limit is a safe-residue-level-for-human-consumption. It has been the most controversial issue over the world.

Clear rules on animal welfare are listed on the official website of European Commission. EU legislation has covered the codes concerning the condition, husbandry practice. open air and enough grazing areas of how the livestock is raised. Tethering or isolating livestock is prohibited.

When it comes to animal illness, phytotherapeutic and homeopathic treatments are a primary consideration. Only when the treatments are not suitable, permitted are the allopathic and immunological veterinary medicinal products under strict conditions. All in all, animals raised with a higher quality of life will provide a better product with higher levels of production.

Raise with respect and care.
Export with safety and quality.

This is our primary goal to bring Quality Meat from European farms to your table.


Photo credits: ©PROVACUNO/Organización Interprofesional Agroalimentaria de la Carne de Vacuno

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