As part of the ‘Nice to Beef You’ project, a delegation of five beef industry professionals from China in December 2023 have embarked on a delightful 4-day journey in Spain, immersing themselves in a thorough exploration of the Spain and EU beef industry. Their itinerary included visits to several beef production plants , farms and feeding farms around Spain.

The renowned quality of Spanish and European beef, coupled with environmentally conscious production practices, has made them standouts in the industry. Spain’s diverse natural landscapes and climates provide an optimal environment for cultivating premium beef. Capitalizing on the burgeoning demand for high-quality beef among China’s growing middle class, NicetoBeefYou and Chinese beef import companies aim to bring the rich, flavorful, and juicy beef from Spain and Europe into the domestic market, promising a sumptuous feast for discerning Chinese consumers.

During the four-day journey, the Chinese delegation have acquired a thorough comprehension of the beef production process, industry standards, and the intricacies of control and traceability of the Spanish beef market. Aligned with the European Production Model, European beef stands out for their authentic flavor and health benefits, a crucial aspect for the discerning Chinese market.

The trip finished visiting Mercamadrid, the largest distribution platform in Spain and one of the leading Food Units on the international scene.

The delegation expressed that this exploration has deepened the understanding and communication between the Chinese and Spanish/EU beef industries. By gaining an in-depth understanding of the European production model and the distinctive features of Spanish and European beef, it contributes to strengthening the knowledge of Chinese industry professionals and consumers regarding European beef. This, in turn, fosters and promotes beef trade between Europe and China.


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Photo Credit: @EUBEEFASIA

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