According to the latest data from the National Data Bank, Italy has a significant population of cattle, with 5,593,922 animals as of June 30th, 2022. ASSOCARNI, a prominent beef association in Italy from Europe, has gained a global reputation for its stringent feeding regulations and commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. ASSOCARNI stands out in the market with its strong competitive power.

  • Feeding Practices in Italian Cattle Farming

Italian cattle farming employs two main feeding methods: fractionated feeding and unifeed feeding. Unifeed feeding provides a balanced diet by offering both fibrous and concentrated components simultaneously, promoting optimal animal health and production. Cereals, along with other components like wet by-products, form the main ingredients in the feed. The daily ration for beef cattle includes a mixture of silage, hay, grass silage, concentrates, and wet by-products. The potential inclusion of olive oil as an ingredient in cattle feed, particularly in geographically disadvantaged areas, is being explored as a source of lipids and a fibrous alternative to fodder. The careful control of its chemical composition is essential to maintain production performance and highlights the exceptional nature of the Italian zootechnical production system.

  • The Characteristics and Quality of Grain-fed Beef in Europe from Italy

Italian grain-fed beef is known for its exceptional characteristics and quality, offering a unique and pronounced taste. The animals are fed a high-quality cereal diet, resulting in tender and juicy meat with enhanced marbling. This distinctively Italian flavor profile is highly sought after by meat connoisseurs seeking an exquisite culinary experience.

  • A Choice of Safety and Balanced Diet for Consumers Worldwide

ASSOCARNI values environmental sustainability in the meat industry. They prioritize a balanced diet, adhering to the Mediterranean model with moderate meat consumption. Food safety is prioritized while animal welfare is protected by legislation. And the use of innovative production techniques further enhance the safety of the beef. Balanced diets and integrated animal husbandry in the agri-food sector promote efficient and sustainable meat production through collaboration, advanced technologies, and reduced resource consumption. Also, ASSOCARNI aims to advance sustainably in freezing technology to meet the needs in the Asian market. 

  • ASSOCARNI’s Focus on Providing Flavorful European Beef that Benefits Not Only Consumers But Also the Environment 

ASSOCARNI’s competitive edge lies in its commitment to deliver Quality European Beef from Italy. With a focus on excellence, ASSOCARNI ensures that its beef meets the standard of EPM (European Production Model). Through meticulous attention to detail and strict adherence to sustainable practices, ASSOCARNI produces beef that is not only flavorful but also benefits the environment cycle. By prioritizing traceability and transparency, It is ASSOCARNI’s focus to captivate the taste buds of consumers worldwide while ensuring full confidence in the origin and integrity of their beef.

To bring European Quality Beef From European Farms in Italy to your table.




Photo credits: ©ASSOCARNI/Associazione Nazionale Industria e Commercio Carni e Bestiame

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