During the month of May, ASSOCARNI, one of Italy’s leading meat sector associations and a primary reference point for Italian and EU institutions, successfully organized a remarkable event in Seoul as part of the ongoing efforts to promote the exceptional quality of European beef. An engaging European Beef Introduction Seminar was held on May 31st at the prestigious High Street Italia in Gangnam.

The seminar garnered significant attention with the participants of several exclusive guests, including representatives from ASSOCARNI, distinguished attendees of governmental agencies from Italy, esteemed members of the official Meat Associations form South Korea, meat importers and exporters, and HORECA professionals. Under the adept leadership of Dr. François Tomei, the esteemed General Director of ASSOCARNI, this exclusive seminar not only provided a unique platform for meat industry professionals to acquire invaluable information but also fostered collaborative exchanges, promoting knowledge sharing among participants.



Photo credits:©ASSOCARNI/Associazione Nazionale Industria e Commercio Carni e Bestiame

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