What makes European Beef valuable? 

In 2020, the statistics showed that over 76 million cattles were successfully raised in the European Union. Moreover, the extraordinary output on beef production had reached 6.8 million tonnes, which makes the EU one of the largest producers in the world. According to Eurostat, EU meat exports increased by 6 % in the first quarter of 2022. Plus, in accordance with the European Commission, 5 % of the cattle herd is organic, especially bovine animals are the most popular species reared by organic methods.

Higher consumer expectations came along with higher international reputation of EU food production—strict EU laws and EPM (European Production Model) offers opportunities for entering high-value markets for premium meat. Urban consumers nowadays desire and pursue to improve the quality of life. A pursuit of ultimate senses experience comes to the first priority of EU beef—much complexity of aroma, more layers of flavor, the melting-tenderness texture. The extraordinary quality comes from grain-fed cattles ranging from calves to adult bovines. Premium European meat, a satisfying treat for all age groups; a chef-guaranteed indulgence from European farm to table. What makes our beef not only valuable but also EXCEPTIONAL? A mouthful of happiness is on-trend.


Photo credits: ©EUBEEFASIA

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